Saturday, February 2, 2013

When life doesn't make sense

Working with the people that have had experienced difficulties in life - poor, orphans, terminally ill, homeless, victim of imperfect world that we live- in, often times when I am with them I have nothing much to say but to just be a present to them and let them know that they are loved by God. One afternoon, I was looking for something to read and I came across this book , the title intrigued me and so I picked it up and I tell you, the book gave me more insight when life doesn't make sense. Seeing through the eyes of an eye-witness;  a fellow traveler with those who are suffering in the world, Fr. Groeschel's book entitled "Arise from Darkness" is worth your time especially for those who are going through darkness in their lives. No new solution is suggested in the book when one is going through tough times but the book gives a consoling perspective when life gets tough and doesn't make sense. I am sure all of us in one way or another have experienced such moment. For someone who is at this moment right now, I invite you to find this book, it is for you. It is worth your time. For those who have been there you can relate to his book's enlightened reflections. For those who are so blessed and have never been on the situation explained this book will help you understand life.

I have no intention to advertise but sharing something which I believe can help or I hope can be useful to others is worth my time. When we meet people who are going through difficulties, this book could be a help to us who may find ourselves the person chosen to accompany them.

God Bless.

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