Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aim for joy than just happiness

Christmas is a very special day of the year and this year God has given me a gift that I thought would be worth to share. I experienced once again the truth that there is a big difference between happiness and joy.

Happiness is like the fancy paint of a car; Joy is the engine that takes the car to its destination.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Forgiveness founded in Love, your GIFT

It was night when Jesus was betrayed by the very persons he considered his friends. He trusted them; he shared life with them; he accompanied them; taught them all about himself and treated them as his own, yet they turned their backs on him. It must have been painful to experience betrayal. Yet we must not forget that it was also night when Jesus accepted the Will of God "not my will but thine" and thus saved us... because He loves. 

To the reader that is grieving the lost of someone that used to share the joy of life with and is experiencing darkness;  in search for an answer and is hoping for the dawn to come, I would like to offer this reflection. You have loved and you still have that love in you. To love is wonderful. You were betrayed but you did not betray the person. Nothing was  taken away from you. You are whole even the pain is there. Jesus was betrayed too but He loved his friends to the end even they turned their backs on him. "Forgive them they know not what they do" he said. There are things that sometimes hard to understand or maybe bound not to be understood. Maybe it is better for you not to know the reason. By not knowing, it will not hurt you more and maybe this is the reason why the person has decided to leave; cut off any communication or did not want to say a word or did not intend to tell you the reason for leaving. It hurts but it could be that the person does not want to hurt you more. The love you've given the person is still in you and you chose to continue to remember the love  and the good memories. You do not hate the object of that affection. You are on the right track of being free. Forgive the person; pray that the person may find peace and happiness and by doing so you will set yourself free. Know that Love is the GIFT you are searching for and you have it in you. Keep on loving for love alone can save. Offer that love that was betrayed to Love Himself  who accepted to be betrayed because He loves. Tomorrow will come and you will see the dawn that gives you hope for only love conquers darkness. The Passion of Christ was only a prelude to His Resurrection. Your faith is being put to the test but with Love himself within you? You are safe, you have put your trust to someone who will always be faithful and will never abandon you. Because He loves you!

By the way, it was also night when Jesus came to the world. I believe in God's plan He chose to come in the darkness of night so that the world can see fully His Light. Light that will guide the world to the path of life, peace and true joy -Jesus. A blessed Christmas to you.

Thank you for your email.

Friday, December 21, 2012

I am searching but it is night...

When one lost a loved one how does one celebrate Christmas? How do we give comfort to someone who is experiencing a lost of someone who means a lot to you? My thoughts are with the families from Newtown, Connecticut.  Like all of you, my prayers accompany them in this difficult times.

I received an email from a reader sharing her perspective of  hope as THE GIFT that can help a grieving person.  Here is part of the email:

"Love can cause you terrible pain as much as it gives you so much joy when you have it and when it is taken away from you ... it is pure pain. Yes I mean taken away; snatched from you. This is what I am experiencing now. My faith is being put to the test, purified..I am confused, what had gone wrong, I asked? My hope is being challenged to a highest degree. I see cloud, obscurity. I am powerless, I can't do much to save what was taken away, I am obliged not to act; I am bound to accept the unfortunate turn of event. I did not know it was coming until it came and hit me unprepared. The person whom I thought I was helping and in good faith I've shared life, joy and good memories suddenly without clear reason and explanation just turned back away from me, cut-off any contact and disappeared. It is night...

I am grieving. I wish I am numb so as not to feel the pain, the sorrow. Emotional pain is harder to endure than physical pain. There seems to be no end to it, no cure. Every day is a struggle. How could one forget the good memories shared? But remembering causes pain? Tell me? I am dying inside. It is true one needs to wear the shoes of a person grieving to understand how it feels to lose  someone. No word could explain my grief. Where do I find consolation? When does healing begins? What should I do so that I can move-on with my life? My will says turn to God, the Love Himself.  I think dying is part of turning to God so that my whole being will submit without hesitation and accept the reality  that everything is over.  In surrender, in letting go and abandon the rest to God, maybe the  glimpse of hope is a promised consolation.

I want to believe that in time the pain of grief will just be a memory of the past. But grief does not actually disappear, one just learn to live with it in hope.  I know, I must be still and keep silent...I want to close my eyes hoping that this night will be over or it is just a dream.

In silence I realize that "true virtue is recognized in time of trial”. Acceptance, abandonment. The Lord knows everything and sees the heart. There is no need to search for reason. If we believe that things happen for a reason and that God permits this to happen then we should know that the ways of God is "high as the heaven from the earth". Acceptance even it overpowers comprehension is a gift I ask from God. I trust God. Submission for He never abandons.

It is night... But Christ came into the world in the middle of the night? Our Hope came in obscurity to free those in bondage of hopelessness and bring them hope.

It is night...  I have to remain and be still and wait until my Hope leads me out of darkness...

It is night, the gift I received this Christmas... Is this the gift I want? It is the gift I was given. I know night precedes dawn... I will wait and hope that the glimpse of dawn will come soon. I will wait...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Lady in the Church

I have been coming to the same church for a while now and I often see this elderly lady with a lovely smile sitting always at the same spot in the church.  After Mass I noticed that she usually stays a while and with her rosary bids in her hands praying intently. Since most of the time I stay longer in the church like her, the lady and I are like familiar faces to each other. Yesterday, I approached her and we had a nice conversation until she asked me to pray for her intention. I happily said I will. Then I thought to ask her about THE GIFT.  What could it be for her?

She calmly said to me that for her it will be a short letter from her son who has been gone for over five years now without saying a word... On her calm and peaceful face came down tears as she said, she has adopted this child when he was only few months old since they cannot have a baby of their own. He has been the source of immense joy for her and her husband. They showered him with love and affection. Her husband just passed away less than two years  and now her only son is also gone. Where did she go wrong?

I was searching for words of consolation to give her but couldn't find one. With deep sympathy I said  I will remember her intention in my prayers. She tried to smile and said Thank you. Mary was her name.

I am sure I will see Mary again next Sunday at the same time and place in the church. What shall I say to her this time? I wonder.

For Mary, The Gift is  a short letter from her son... that will mean a lot to her for Christmas.

As I left her in the church, I asked myself, for a mother the return of her son will be the only gift she would ever want to receive. I hope her wish will come true.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I often watch children playing... with their toys, with other children.
How happy they seems to be.
As I continue to look intently on them I noticed that every so often they make short glances around them, behind them or beside them. It seems their eyes are looking for something or for someone.
Then when they behold the one they were searching for, they turn back again and continue playing...

For the young, security is a gift.  Knowing they are not alone, someone whom they know is watching from afar makes them confident they always have someone who sees them; someone who cares, someone who knows them and whom they know.

To feel secured is a gift. But is it security The Gift you desire?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Gift

I would like you to think for a moment... if it is you who will be the receiver of The Gift, what would be for you the ultimate gift that you would want to receive and from whom you would want this to come from?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Think if you love someone, what is the best gift you can give that someone?