Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ultimately the greatest gift is Love and fullness of life

Christ's heart was pierced with the soldier's lance after He had accomplished his mission on earth by dying on the Cross. He let His Heart be pierced and be opened wide so that the fountain of grace and mercy, the fullness of what He is about would flow freely from His Heart to the world so that the world would bear fruit and that fruit is love. Love that made Him come down from above and became one of us, man except sin;  love that kept him silent amidst all the afflictions He endured from his own people and even from his trusted friends who left Him alone. Betrayal did not prevent Him from loving. He did not open his mouth when He was mocked; reviled; questioned for all the good things He did to others. He knows what He is all about. There is no need for Him to defend Himself. Humility is to do good and then disappear, keep silent. There is no need to depend anything when one is doing good things out of love. Love is to depend those who are oppressed and mistreated, those that come your way and ask for help, but not ones self. “Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of Heart.” He says. He knows that what was going to happen to Him by emptying himself and becoming man was part of the big plan of his Father who loves Him and who loves us very much to the point of sacrificing Him, the only Son. Yes, everything was part of the plan of Love. He knows, that is why, "He loves his friends to the end..." He knows everything is bound to happen -- He, the Son of the most High God became man so that in our humanity, he can transform us and be with Him in the fullness of life in his divinity. That is all it is all about. He spared nothing to give us the Way back to the Father.... because He loves us.